Success Stories

Legal Expert Witness

A double-fatality following a vacuum pump failure at night led to plaintiffs suing AIG for failure to disclose potential damage to an aircraft it sold at auction. The two-week trial required us to defend AIG for the failure of a Parker Hannifin vacuum pump that was more than six years beyond its service life even though AIG never owned, maintained or operated the subject aircraft. We were able to prove that the plaintiff/owner failed to adhere to multiple FAA mandated maintenance obligations and other serious violations, all of which led to the doomed flight. Though we were representing AIG for its role in selling an aircraft via an auction website, we were forced to defend the Parker Hannifin vacuum pump and the overhaul by an unrelated overhaul shop.


DAS has authored many unique curriculums for both foreign and US based manufacturers. The companies has given us their questions and desired outcomes and we were able to successfully research, compose, design and teach the courses. DAS is technically proficient through academic credentials and widely-varied aviation leadership experience. We have accomplished these both domestically and internationally.


Providing insightful and cost avoidance counsel is a mainstay of Downey Aviation. We have worked with a major OEM to certify a new technology. The ability to provide streamlining, schedule contraction and reduce non-value added work helps to reduce cost and resource expenditure. Working with both the FAA and international agencies we help develop procedures and regulations to accommodate new technologies and novel aircraft designs.